Hardanger Embroidery

What is Hardanger Embroidery?

Hardanger embroidery is a style of needle work originating in Norway. Traditionally white on white, either a cotton pearl or linnen thread is sewn onto cotton or linnen woven fabric. However, recently many colors are available and used for both the fabric and the thread. The basic stitches create squares, known as kloster blocks, triangles, nordic stars or snowflakes, hearts, curls and even more. It can be made to look lacy by cutting out parts and threading the thread around the remaining fabric threads. Here you can see some examples of pieces I've done.


Finished pieces can be washed in a mild detergent such as Woolite by hand, rinsed well and dried flat. But while still damp, it should be ironed upside-down on a soft towel with a hot iron until dry. Spray starch may be used if desired, however, the linen keeps it shape well if ironed properly.
Note: Only wash if colors are color-fast!


If you'd like to purchase a piece or have a piece designed and made for you please contact me here.

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